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Cal Long Term Care Compare is pleased to announce the Measures that Matter quality measurement program sharing publicly available, quality measures that matter to residents, patients, and families, to identify bright spots of care among post-acute and long-term care providers. This inaugural program identifies nursing homes that are leaders in mobility and function in both the short stay (SS) and long stay (LS) settings.  

CLTCC used several steps to evaluate 11 publicly reported LS measures and 16 publicly reported SS measures to construct two composite measures and identify the nursing home mobility measure finalists. Measures that demonstrated moderate to high correlation and met internal validity standards were included in their respective composite measure resulting in the following composites:

•    Long-stay residents: 8-related mobility and function measures
•    Short-stay residents: 5-related mobility and function measures

Using this methodology, just 43 nursing homes, out of 923, achieved Tier 1 criteria using the SS composite and 27, out of 925, for LS. Only 3 nursing homes achieved Tier 1 criteria for both SS and LS composites. For additional details about the program and methodology, refer to the program description below. A complete list of the SS and LS facilities who were Tier 1 performers can be viewed here.

2023 Measures that Matter Program Resources:

Program Description_Measures that Matter_Mobility in Nursing Homes – a comprehensive overview of the program background, methodology, and results.

Fact Sheet_Measures that Matter – provides a high level overview of the Measures that Matter program, methodology, and results.

Facility List _Measures that Matter_Tier 1 SS & LS – a complete list of the top performers for SS, LS and both SS & LS skilled nursing facilities.


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