Cal Long Term Care Compare provides free, unbiased information to help you make the best choice for yourself or family member about long-term care options. This includes information about:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospice Care
  • Home Health Care
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Adult Residential Facilities
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities
  • Adult Day Health Centers

All of the information on this website is unbiased. We provide it so that you and your family can make informed decisions. We are not associated with any of the facilities listed on this website.

It is free to use this website. You do not need to register or provide any personal contact information to use it. Here are detailed instructions on how to use and navigate the Cal Long Term Care Compare website. You can also email us with questions at:  calcompare@convergencehealth.org.

Data Sources

The data on this website are from various state and federal government organizations. The UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing analyze the data and create the ratings for this website. Cal Healthcare Compare develops and maintains this website. Learn more about Our Team.

We update the data and ratings for nursing homes, home health, and hospice care twice a year. We update the data and ratings for assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, and adult day health centers once each year.

On a separate website called Cal Hospital Compare, we provide information to help you compare hospitals across California.

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