About the Ratings

About the Ratings

We rate long-term care providers in California and tell you how they’re performing. To do this, we analyze data from several state and government sources. For example, we are able to tell you what percent of patients successfully returned home after a short-term stay at a nursing home, what percent of nursing staff has stayed at their job for the past 12 months, and what percent of staff at a facility has received their COVID vaccinations. These types of ratings can help you evaluate the quality of care at each facility.

We provide as much information as we can about the long-term care providers included on our website. This information is broken down into categories of staffing, qualify of care, and health and safety inspections. We rate as many items as possible so that you can better understand measures that matter to you. We rate more items than the Medicare.gov Care Compare website.

There are some items that we cannot rate. This generally happens for two reasons. One reason is that too many facilities have similar scores, making it difficult to point out meaningful differences between them. The second reason is that complete or accurate data may not be available.

About the Rating System

Cal Long Term Care Compare uses five levels to rate facilities in California, ranging from “superior” to “poor.” The criteria for each level is listed below.

Superior: Scored in the top 10%.
Above Average: Scored in the top 10 – 25%.
Average: Scored in the middle 50%.
Below Average: Scored in the bottom 10 – 25%.
Poor: Scored in the bottom 10%.
N/AN/A: No data provided.

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