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There are different options for long-term care and residential care that are available for different circumstances. This website provides unbiased, data-driven information about skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and hospice agencies. For more details about using this website, refer to our Introductory Guide and FAQs. If you still have questions on how to use data to choose the long term care option that is right for you, email

  • Have you or a loved one been recently discharged from the hospital and require short or long term nursing care? Learn More about Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Is assistance needed at home due to a change in health or lifestyle or because of dementia? Learn More about Home Health agencies
  • Are you requiring end of life care for you or a family member? Learn more about Hospice Care agencies
  • Are you wanting to learn more about all of the long-term care options that are available under your Medicare + Medi-Cal health coverage or not certain why type of care is best? Cal Long Term Care Compare publishes information and ratings on nursing homes, home health, and hospice care. For resources on other types of care, My Care My Choice – California can help and offers free live support.

Ratings and data are only part of many factors to consider when searching for long term care. There are many valuable resources and levels of support that extend beyond what the Cal Long Term Care website has to offer. Families deserve to be assured of their decision and the experience is as positive as possible once they or their loved one is placed in a new setting. When searching for a provider, it’s helpful to first identify the reason you are exploring long term care.

Many times your health insurance or long-term care insurance company will also influence your choice of providers. Regardless of clinician and insurance input, some consumer choice will remain, and having quality and patient experience of care data are important for choosing the best care.

In most situations, your health care provider will recommend and order the type of care necessary. See below for more details about each type of care.

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